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World Autism Awareness Day

Published April 2, 2012 by oliviadufour



Stamps from United Nations Postal Administration


April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.  While the awareness supports the research for development of treatments, it also seeks support, respect and acceptance.

More children are diagnosed with autism than childhood cancer, pediatric AIDs, and juvenile diabetes combinedOne in 88 children in the US has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Tens of millions of individual have ASD.

While there is no established explanation for the root cause of ASD, there are many ways to support those who are affected and their family and friends.

Here are ways to support World Autism Awareness Day:


Beautification of Warren Gardens

Published November 16, 2011 by oliviadufour

Another successful volunteering day!

We spent Saturday the 5th of November playing in the dirt in Roxbury for The Boston Parks and Recreation Department. It was a fun day of meeting other environmental enthusiasts while getting some fresh air.

It was quite simple. The event coordinator, Paul, placed plants and shrubs around the area we were working on, we would dig a hole, air out the roots of the lucky plant, place it in the hole and cover it gently with dirt. We even made a video of our adventure (excuse the French!)

As you’ll see in the video a pizza delivery guy decided that our hard work was to be commended and gave us a slightly over cooked pizza! Thank you random delivery man! Fun discoveries were also made, as depicted on the right.

Volunteering is a great deal of fun, it makes you go outside (sometimes), meet new people and you’ll even learn new things! You can look for local opportunities on Boston Cares and start working very soon! All that is required is the will to help!

View the photo album on Facebook!

Giving Blood is that easy!

Published August 5, 2011 by oliviadufour

Trip report!

We just came back from giving blood at MGH. Success rate: 50%.

Olivia could not give her blood because she had been in Columbia less than a year ago.
I personally started giving, but after 45 seconds, I started feeling like my pressure was dropping and a bit light-headed. They stopped right away. They told me that next time, I should drink a lot more than usual at least a day before, make sure I eat full meals as well. Guess I should have read up a bit more on donating blood first!

I guess saving 6 lives is better than none, but it’s just a start for us. We’ll continue getting involved and go donate again in 8 weeks!

Thumbs up from Daniel

Thumbs up from Mat


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