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Game Dynamics for Greater Good (part 1)

Published November 9, 2011 by oliviadufour

At Invup we are firm believers that Game Dynamics are part of the solution to many different challenges. Game Dynamics have been said to be “the future of social good” by Stanford researchers. Although “gamification” has become a buzz word we think the essence of it can be extremely powerful. It all depends on execution.

Gamification is the incorporation of fun game-play elements into a website that attempts to drive participation in an activity by providing reward and motivation for doing so. A more simple way to explain Gamification is that tools such as points, levels, badges and leader-boards that are implemented in a way that triggers action and increases positive impact for our clients and for society.

It is predicted that by the year 2014, 70% of large companies will use Gamification for at least one business process. Even now large companies like SAP, IBM and Deloitte use Gamification to motivate their workforce. For example 40% of IBM’S workforce is on the road and Gamification helps keep their employee engaged with the company.

Why are game dynamics so popular? Gabe Zichermann believes that is partly because “most people’s jobs are […] boring.” Whether that is true or not we’re positive that tracking involvement with Excel spreadsheets and paper forms has many limitations.That is the reason why we’re building a platform to replace Excel spreadsheets and paper forms. Invup makes it fun and easy to manage volunteering and donation programs and part of that solution is Gamification.


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