CSR and Employee Engagement Round Up

Published July 17, 2012 by oliviadufour

People having skills and knowledge in philanthropic initiatives are obviously in demand as Indiana University is launching the nation’s first School of Philanthropy. The school is already offering degrees in philanthropic studies for both undergraduates and graduates through the School of Liberal Arts.  The students learn about non-profit management, human motivations of financial donors, creating programs that create social change and history of philanthropy.

While they may not have the resources to provide millions of dollars in donated time, small businesses can play an important role in pro boon work and corporate social responsibilities, especially since firms with less than 20 employees make up 89 percent of US employers. They can use their experiences in wearing multiple hats by helping nonprofits develop new strategies and organization design.  Sometimes even a few hours of assistance in marketing, technology and operations can truly go in a long way.  Read more about how small business can help nonprofit.

Social good is truly a viral and contagious activity.  When one does something kind for another person, the person who received assistant will offer help to another person and the cycle repeats. Even if one person who doesn’t receive assistance, sees someone else taking a random act of kindness, that person will still often take action to help another.  An article lists examples of how some random act of kindness can grow exponentially.

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