CSR and Employee Engagement Round Up

Published July 3, 2012 by goodify

Forbes confirm our beliefs that corporate social responsibility is not only important for marketing, but also for recruiting. A large number of millenials are indeed expecting companies to offer more than just a paycheck – a place where they can make an impact.  The article also points out that because CSR has become such a commonplace that the public is no longer paying attention to companies’ initiatives.  So, companies are needing to find new strategies to ensure that the public does not forget about what companies are doing to be socially responsible.

Big or small, every amount of donation adds up. Bolder Giving, an organization that helps people that are new to giving or looking to give more, advises that in order to get into the habit of giving and being motivated, individuals need to start giving today and start slowly.

“Having a career with purpose starts with a realization that there is something fundamentally wrong with society or that there are particular gaps in the way specific social issues are being addressed,” says  Paul Klein. The writer goes into details about what it takes to have a career that involves in changing the world and the fact that it can be done while working for a corporation.

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