Top 26 of MassChallenge!

Published October 9, 2011 by oliviadufour

So on Friday Oct. 7th, we were patiently waiting for a very important email. At 7:37 PM, we received very, very good news: Out of 750 applicants around the world, Invup is now in the top26 of MassChallenge, the world’s largest startup competition! Finally we can share the good news, it was confidential until today

We want to sincerely congratulate friends at MassChallenge who have amazing companies such as SwellrRoof for TwoDay2Night, SmakLibbooAbazymeTherapeutic SystemsVSnap,Diffuse5, and RaceMenu. These are great teams with passion and immense potential.

We got prepared a few days before the pre-final pitch on Oct. 5th. The format was: 20 minutes total for pitch and Q&A in front of 6 judges. We stayed late at the office and rehearsed continuously. We even had an expert presentator selling SaaS worth millions of dollars to help us get it right. Our mentors gave us great advice too.

Our tagline was “Gaming is the future of social good and Invup is the platform and the team to make it happen”. They did not like that. Although gaming’s potential is backed by manyresearchers, it was a bit too audacious from us to play this card. They had their own beliefs of what the future of social good is and it is okay.

What they liked was our passion, traction and energy! I think it showed that we work non-stop to bring Invup to market.

Right after the pitch, we had to get going to Montreal for Capital Innovation, another competition in which we are finalists. We got to opportunity to pitch in front of dozens of investors. Let’s see where that takes us. Yes we’re raising money now; we’re searching for development partners, not only people with money. We’ve been told so many times that taking investment is like getting married. I guess we’re now in the dating phase!

Next milestone: Final pitch on Oct. 14th. – Gala on Oct. 24 (buy your tickets here)

Prize: 50k or 100k + the experience of a lifetime.

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